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Vayoola LEAP - an early adopter procurement system for consumer products If you’re an entrepreneur in the midst of getting a startup off the ground, or a product manager looking to launch a new product,
or even just someone with an idea that you’d like to bring to Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading!
So Much Failure!
Some important facts that you are probably familiar with:
1 80% of startups close
up shop within the
first 18 months
2 Almost 50% of new
consumer products fail
to yield a financial return
3 Nearly 70% of launched
Kickstarter projects fail
to reach their target goal
Don’t believe us? Google it. We’ll wait...
Why Oh Why?
Most failures come as a direct result of
false assumptions
a Who the target
market is

b Which of the target
market’s needs are
currently being
c What product will
most effectively
address these
underserved needs
Tell Me
There’s Hope!
Luckily, yes! The key to avoiding
false assumptions lies in identifying
and interacting with your product’s
Early Adopters as quickly and as
frequently as possible.
Early Adopters are those who are most in need of a product like yours and who are most enthusiastic about purchasing it. Their feedback is paramount to revealing vital insights into which features your product development team should prioritize and which benefits should anchor your marketing team’s communication strategy.
It is with this in mind that Vayoola has developed the LEAP (Lean Early Adopter Procurement) system. It is designed to quickly, iteratively, and efficiently connect with your product’s Early Adopters in order to extract key insights into who they are and why they’d like to purchase your product.

LEAP System

LEAP (Lean Early Adopter Procurement) is Vayoola’s proprietary system for locating and connecting with early adopters of new consumer products in order to learn about: Who they are What value the product will bring into their lives How to most effectively communicate the product’s value to them
Insights gained through the LEAP system will help with:
Streamlining Product Development by: - Unveiling which features are most important to early adopters
- Determining the benchmark by which early adopters will gauge the quality of individual features, as well as the product as a whole
Bootstrapping the Marketing Strategy via: - Procuring high fidelity, deep early adopter insights via conversations with real people
- Building an accurate early adopter buyer profile
- Supplying a starter list of warm customer leads who are interested in the product

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